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Due to the rebranding of our app to BeardFix, we have now moved to beardfix.wordpress.com.

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User Interface Design: AB Testing

Thanks for your interest in helping us out with some simple AB testing. Here we are comparing two completely different visual approaches to how our app might look in the coming months. There are links below to each app version and a 2 minute questionnaire at the end of this post that we would love for you to fill out. If you’re still interested, please read on…

Take a moment to have a look through the apps and see what buttons respond to your fingers. Once you’re satisfied you’ve found your way around you can begin. There are 3 simple tasks to perform in each app. Task 2 applies to V6.1 only and Task 3 applies to V7.0 only.


  1.  Take a selfie and post a selfie update in your beard diary
  2.  (V6.1 only) Find the article on taming your wiry beard
  3.  (V7.0 only) Find the tutorial to style your beard
  4.  Do a product search on beard oil (V6.1) / razors (V7.0)

Version 6.1



Version 7.0


4 Question Survey:



We’ve begun building our first prototypes for testing! It’s very exciting. Hoping to test users this week for feedback on app name, navigation mechanics and general ‘feel’ of the app. That last one is gonna be tricky to quantify.

We’ve just put together our first prototype on Invision and we’re currently working on version 2 as we want to do some AB testing right away. All feedback and comments welcome on this blog too. Join in everyone.


Prototype 1 can be found here: https://invis.io/NXAIF3O3D


Storyboard Post-Its

We had a fantastic tête–à–tête in class last Friday with everyone grouping together in threes to brainstorm storyboards for aspects on how our apps could function. We mined so much good information out of that 2 hours session that we will definitively be pursuing that method of idea generation again. It was so good. There were post-its and markers all over the place. Even our humour got the best of us and a thoughtless joke spawned the name for our app – ‘Filthy’. We are focusing on the male hygiene domain right now and hope to produce an app that focuses on facial care and grooming for a male audience.

We have spidergrams coming out of our ears right now as to where this app could go in terms of functionality and UI but for now at least, feast your ideas on some of our scribbles from our ideas session.



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We are Brendana – Brendan and Dana; two students about to embark on our designing, testing and building an app from scratch as part of our masters studies in Creative Digital Media course at Dublin Institute of Technology.

This blog will be a casual record of our ideas, thoughts, testing and references – brought together here from various sources. We will be shortly linking our social media accounts to this site in an attempt to provide one central space for all of our media.

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